Photo Gallery

Digital Schomburg Images of 19th Century African Americans
Source: NY Public Library, 1999

Good selection of photos

feet.jpg (140630 bytes)

Source: Lester, From Slave Ship to Freedom Road


equiano2.jpg (6215 bytes)

Olaudah Equiano

slaveauction.jpg (47736 bytes)
Slave Auction in Virginia
island.jpg (209342 bytes)
Slave Trade
067h138p.jpg (108510 bytes)

Dealers Inspection at at Slave Auction in Virginia1861
potatoeplanting.jpg (94042 bytes)

American slaves planting sweet potatoes on James Hopkinson's plantation, South Carolina 1862

cottonpicking.jpg (72822 bytes)

Slaves Pick Cotton in Savannah

slavestorefront.jpg (75786 bytes)

Price  Birch & Co., Dealers in Slaves, Storefront, 1861-1865

map.jpg (89312 bytes)

Slave Route

undergroundrailroad.jpg (32263 bytes)
Underground Railroad
handbill.jpg (34523 bytes)
Slavery Handbill
slavemarket.jpg (129228 bytes)
Slave Market in Atlanta
chains.jpg (111020 bytes)
fieldhands.jpg (181336 bytes)
Workers in the cotton fields
cottonball.jpg (50181 bytes)
fleeing.jpg (76375 bytes)
Fugitive slaves
fugitiveslaveriders.jpg (146535 bytes)
Fugitive slaves ride north to escape from slavery in the South.
supremecourt.jpg (28707 bytes)
Supreme Court Members who presided over the Dred Scott Case
dredscott.jpg (49402 bytes)
Dred Scott
rescuedslaves.jpg (76671 bytes)
Harriet Tubman with some of the people she rescued from slavery.
tubman.jpg (121288 bytes)
Harriet Tubman, a "Moses" to her people
ladysewing.jpg (128667 bytes)
A lady sewing
garrison.jpg (66908 bytes)
William Lloyd Garrison
frederickdouglass.jpg (57415 bytes)
Frederick Douglass
uncletom'scabin.jpg (55291 bytes)

Harriet Beecher Stowe's book, Uncle Tom's Cabin

slaveship.jpg (140059 bytes)

Slave ship

quarters.jpg (68950 bytes)

Living quarters of the slaves

plantationlife.jpg (139699 bytes)

Plantation Life

slavecatchers.gif (83121 bytes)

Vigilance Committee Poster

johnbrown.jpg (96176 bytes)
John Brown
sojournertruth.jpg (54250 bytes)
Sojourner Truth
blanket.jpg (20765 bytes)
Quilt inside a slave cabin
hiddeninplainview.jpg (87260 bytes)
Quilt in the window of a slave cabin
housequilt.jpg (26949 bytes)
Quilt in the window of a slave cabin
houserow.jpg (23526 bytes)
Slave cabins on slave row
The following squares represent "Ozella's Underground Quilt Code" Patterns as show in Hidden In Plain View
flyinggeese.jpg (4018 bytes)
Flying Geese
drunkardpath.jpg (4238 bytes)
Drunkard's Path
northstar.jpg (3507 bytes)
Star/Evening Star/North Star
monkeywrench.jpg (2896 bytes)
Monkey Wrench
wagonwheel.jpg (2379 bytes)
Wagon Wheel
bearspaw.jpg (2169 bytes)
Bear's Paw
crossroads.jpg (3042 bytes)
logcabin.jpg (3471 bytes)
Log Cabin
shoofly.jpg (2911 bytes)
bowties.jpg (3303 bytes)